Bambusa multiplex (hedge bamboo) - A clumping species of bamboo to 20 feet that is ideal for use as a screen or hedge because of its dense branching habit and small, closely spaced, feathery foliage.  Zones 8 - 10.

Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr' - Has attractive culms up to 35 feet tall and 1 inches in diameter that are bright yellow with showy, contrasting, vertical, green stripes.

Bambusa multiplex forma riviereorum (chinese goddess bamboo) - A semi-dwarf, clumping bamboo to 12 feet with closely spaced, inch diameter, solid culms and small, "feathery" foliage.  It is hardy to 12 degrees Fahrenheit and does best in full sun.

Bambusa multiplex forma riviereorum 'Tiny Fern' - A diminutive sport of the above with culms of only 3 feet in height and 1/8th inch in diameter that support many fern like leaves to less than 1 inch in length.

Bambusa oldhamii (oldham timber bamboo) - A giant, clumping, timber bamboo with impressive culms up to 55 feet tall and 5 inches in diameter.  Zones 8 - 10.

Bambusa ventricosa (buddha's belly bamboo) - Thick walled culms to 50 feet tall and 2 inches in diameter with zig-zag, swollen internodes resembling "bellies" near the base.  Zones 8 - 10.

Shibataea kumasaca (ruscus leaf bamboo) - A very unique bamboo up to 7 feet tall with short, broad leaves that are borne on petioles rather than having sheaths.  zones 6 - 9.