acoma - A mildew resistant, semi-dwarf, multi-stem shrub to 12 feet of spreading habit with distinctive, pendulous, pure white blooms; attractive bark and red fall color.

arapaho - This recent United States National Arboretum introduction is a fast growing, upright grower to 20 feet having dark red flowers and glossy, dark green foliage tinged maroon.  Outstanding powdery mildew resistance!

basham's party pink - A very vigorous, tree type grower to 25 feet tall with multitudes of light lavender to baby pink flowers.

baton rouge - A dwarf, weeping clone to 6 feet with deep rose-red flowers.

catawba - A mildew resistant, semi-dwarf tree to 12 feet with abundant dark purple flower heads and brilliant orange-red fall color.

centennial spirit - A mildew resistant, upright shrub or small tree with large, dark wine red flower panicles and good, red-orange autumn color.

country red - A tree type of upright habit with near red flowers.

dallas red - A very hardy and vigorous growing tree with large, deep red flower clusters.  It is considered to be one of the best and most cold hardy crapemyrtles.

dynamite [PP #10296] (Whit II) - An upright shrub or small tree to 10 feet tall with crimson new growth that quickly turns green and finally turns orange in the fall.  The flowers are a bright cherry red (the best red to date!).  Highly resistant to powdery mildew.

lafayette - A dwarf shrub with delicate, light lavender flowers that rarely exceeds 6 feet in height.

miami - An upright, mildew resistant tree form with dark pink flowers and exfoliating bark.  Fall color is red-orange.

natchez - A large, fast growing, mildew resistant tree to 25 feet tall with pure white flower clusters; beautiful, exfoliating bark and glossy, green leaves that turn orange in the fall.

near east - A splendid, moderately mildew resistant, spreading to semi-weeping tree to 15 feet tall with large heads of light flesh pink flowers and yellow-orange fall color.

pink velour [PP #10319] (Whit III) - A shrub to small tree to 10 feet tall with deep wine-burgundy foliage and contrasting, bright pink flowers.  The foliage is the most attractive of any crapemyrtle and turns orange in the fall.  Reportedly very cold hardy!

raspberry sundae [PP #10297] (Whit I) - An upright grower to 20 feet with unique, raspberry red flowers having a touch of white.  The distinctive foliage is maroon all summer long and highly resistant to powdery mildew.

red rocket [PP #11342] (Whit IV) - Large shrub or small tree up to 15 feet tall with crimson new growth that turns dark green and then orange in the autumn.  The cherry red flowers are produced in huge, cone shaped clusters up to 20 inches in length.

rhapsody in pink [PP #16616] (Whit VIII) - A fast growing tree up to 15 feet tall with burgundy new growth turning purplish green and pastel pink flowers.

sioux - An eye-catching, hardy tree with vibrant pink flowers and maroon foliage.

tonto - An excellent, semi-dwarf, multi-stem shrub or small tree to 16 feet with appealing, deep fuchsia red flowers and attractive, maroon fall color.  Highly mildew and leaf spot resistance and well as great winter hardiness.

tuscarora - A medium size, mildew resistant tree to 18 feet with large panicles of dark coral pink flowers; spectacular, mottled, light brown bark and good, orange-red fall color.

twilight - A standard, tree type grower with exceptionally beautiful, royal purple flower and shiny, deep green leaves.

velma's royal delight - Of shrubby, compact yet upright habit to about 8 feet tall with bright, deep magenta flowers.  One of the hardiest of the crapemyrtles according to tests conducted at Kansas State University.

victor - A very dwarf, compact, mildew resistant shrub usually under 10 feet with many dark reddish flowers and reddish yellow fall color.

william toovey (watermelon red) - A broad, heavy blooming, mildew resistant tree to 15 feet of spreading habit with watermelon red flower clusters and red-orange fall color.