Alpinia zerumbet (shell ginger) - A herbaceous perennial to 5 feet with fragrant, shell like, white flowers that are tinged pink on the outside.  The interior is very showy with a crinkled, yellow lip that is striped red and brown.  Hardy in zones 8 - 10.

Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata' (variegated shell ginger) - Like the green form but shorter with many attractive stripes of yellow and cream on the otherwise dark green foliage.

Curcuma elata (giant pink ginger) - A vigorously growing and very popular ginger up to 5 feet tall that has large, banana like foliage and beautiful, large, pink flower spikes borne on leafless stalks up to 24 inches tall which emerge in the spring before the leaves.  Yellow flowers later emerge from these pink bracts.  The leaves have a deep reddish center stripe while young but lose this during the summer.  This is a favorite of ours here at the nursery.  They are splendid for flower arrangements, landscape use or as foliage plants and patio plants.  If you live in the South and can's succeed with this fine ginger, you may as well give up gardening!  A native of Burma that is hardy in zones 8 - 10.  Will probably go into zone 7 with mulch.  It does best in full sun to part shade.

Hedychium coronarium (butterfly ginger / garland flower) - This is the common, fragrant, white "butterfly ginger" that is so popular in the South.  It has handsome, tropical looking foliage on stalks up to 6 feet tall terminating with large clusters of beautiful, very fragrant, 3 inch wide, white flowers having a yellow-green center on the lip.  Best grown in rich, well drained soil and partial or afternoon shade.  Zones 7 - 10.