asian (Trachelospermum asiaticum) - An evergreen groundcover with glossy, dark green, leathery leaves and fragrant, yellow-white flowers.  Zones 7 - 9.

carolina jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) - A fast growing, evergreen vine with multitudes of showy, fragrant, yellow flowers each spring.  Zones 8 - 10.

confederate (Trachelospermum jasminioides) - An evergreen, climbing vine with glossy, dark green leaves and deliciously fragrant, white flowers in early summer.  Zones 8 - 10.

florida (Jasminum floridum) - A semi-evergreen, erect to semi-pendent, small shrub with a profusion of bright yellow flowers in the summer.  Zones 8 - 10.

night blooming (Cestrum nocturnum) - An evergreen shrub to 12 feet with nocturnally fragrant, pale green to ivory flowers in the summer and autumn.  Zones 8 - 10.

primrose (Jasminum mesnyi) - An evergreen, mounding shrub to 6 feet with big, semi-double to double, bright yellow flowers.  Zones 8 - 10.