APPLE BLOSSOM – This one has very attractive “Apple Blossom” pink flowers in huge clusters on a large, rounded, spreading shrub.  It is hardy and blooms well, even after being cut back heavily, it makes a fine tub plant, specimen plant, or hedge plant.

CALYPSO – An excellent hardy iridescent cherry red oleander that is very salt and wind tolerant.  It is a strong grower and has outstanding plant habits.

DOUBLE RED – this is an old and reliable double red oleander that is as beautiful as it is easy to grow.

EAST END PINK – The pretty medium pink flowers have a bluish cast and the corolla lobes are reflexed. It is very hardy and is one of the most floriferous spring bloomers.  It makes an intermediate size shrub.

ED BARR – This is an exceptionally hardy cultivar that will quickly make a big screen or hedge plant that can become 12 or more feet tall.  It produces huge quantities of large, white flowers with yellow coronas all summer.  The throat is yellow.

FRANCES MOODY NEWMAN – A very attractive variety that flowers all summer.  The single flowers are a rich deep pink with an iridescent cast. The corona is creamy white with pink stripes.

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT - This is a very hardy, intermediate to large sized plant with unique large salmon-orange flowers that turn almost coppery-orange as the season progresses.  It makes an incredible splash of color and blooms from spring to mid-summer.  The throat color is yellow.

GARBING MALL – This is a very attractive cultivar with light pink flowers produced throughout the summer.  It is a good grower and makes an attractive shrub.

GEORGE SEALY (sealy pink) – This favorite oleander is very beautiful, but it is tender.  It has fragrant, deep pink flowers with striped, deep reddish-pink coronas.  It makes a medium-size shrub and is good as a pot plant.  It is very floriferous and has very attractive flower clusters.

GENERAL PERSHING – This is a very hardy mounding cultivar that tends to weep or spill over, rather then grow upright. The large and very attractive dark-red flowers are produced in profusion.  It can be easily identified by the over 12” long stiletto-type leaves. The number of petals often vary and the flowers are streaked white.

hardy pink:  Please see PINK BEAUTY.

HARDY RED (sugarland) – This is a very hardy and dependable variety with large clusters of handsome red flowers, which have a prominent white apical fringe on the anther. The throat is red and it makes a large shrub.

I LOVENBERG – (isle of capri) This is a semi-hardy but extremely attractive large shrub that blooms all summer.  It has very pleasing creamy-yellow star-shaped flowers with yellow throats having dark stripes.

isle of capri:  Please see I LOVENBERG.

JANNOCH – This is an excellent cultivar with big wide red flowers with a highly fringed red corona and widely separated corolla lobes.  It is a good bloomer and covers itself with a blanket effect.  It is a hardy, compact, and nicely rounded large shrub.  It has a red throat and long corona teeth.

JENNIE – A splendid smaller growing intermediate type with many small double-red, rose-like flowers.  It has attractive foliage and fine growth habits.  This one is relatively hardy.

JOHN HARRIS – This is a choice large growing oleander with many large clusters of showy bright red single flowers.  The handsome dark-green foliage shows off the pretty flowers nicely.

LADY KATE – This large growing semi-hardy cultivar covers itself with large, single, pinwheel flowers that are the lightest of pinks.  It has attractive ruffled edges.

LANE TAYLOR SEALY - This is a well liked hardy intermediate selection with large, very fragrant, light salmon flowers with pale yellow coronas that are striped a deeper salmon.  The throat color is light yellow.

LITTLE RED – A choice dwarf selection that grows less than one-half the size of ‘Hardy Red.’  The flowers are smaller than ‘Hardy Red.’ The deep cherry-red blooms are very showy and the compact plant is fairly cold hardy. The throat of the flower is red.

MAGNOLIA WILLIS SEALY – This excellent cultivar has huge clusters of attractive fragrant double white flowers.  It is relatively hardy and a dependable bloomer all summer long. It has green sepals and flower stems.

MATHILDE FERRIER – This is a very large growing plant that can be grown as a shrub, as a standard tree, or as a multi-stem tree. It is one of the hardiest oleanders.  The double soft yellow flowers are very attractive.

MONVIS (ruby lace) – This is a large shrub up to 12 feet, with dense compact foliage.  The large 3” intense ruby-red pinwheel flowers are much larger than most.  The corolla lobes have scalloped edges with a fringed lip that creates the wavy appearance of the flower.

MRS. BURTON – The splendid and very fragrant rose-pink flowers are double, semi-double, and somewhat ruffled.  A very desirable and beautiful large plant that blooms all summer.  It is semi-hardy.

MRS. EUGENIA FOWLER – This is a large and hardy variety that blooms prolifically in late spring with flowers covering the plant.  The round full formed double flowers are a “hot pink” color.

mrs. f. roeding:  Please see MRS. GEORGE ROEDING.

MRS. GEORGE ROEDING (mrs. f. roeding)- A splendid thick growing and very hardy salmon-pink to salmon-orange (late in the season) oleander with an excellent dense and compact habit.  The beautiful, delightful, and very fragrant flowers have fringed petals.  It is one of the very best intermediate growing oleanders.

MRS. ISADORE DYER – A hardy and very fragrant fully double large pink flower that blooms all summer.  In the spring, it has a light pink color with a white stripe on each petal. As the weather warms up the flowers turn a much darker pink.  This is one of the very best!

MRS. KNOX – This semi-hardy cultivar makes a large plant with many pure white hose-in-hose double flowers.  It flowers heavily in the spring and is semi-hardy.  It has maroon sepals and flower stems.  The corolla lobes are rounded.

MRS. LUCILLE HUTCHINGS - This is a very large and hardy double peach to light salmon-pink oleander with good plant habits.  It has spectacularly large blossoms and the tips of the petals are tinged pink.

MRS. RUNGE – This is one of the most beautiful of all the oleanders.  It has very fragrant large, fully double, deep rose pink flowers that stand out against the strikingly variegated, yellow and green foliage.   It makes a large plant but is a little tender.

MRS. TRUEHEART – It is a magnificent free-flowering cultivar with large, fragrant, single, pink flowers with prominent stripes in the center.  The delightful fragrance is intense, the color is a lovely shade of pink, and the growth habit is bushy and rounded.  It makes a large shrub but is a little bit tender.

MRS. WILLARD COOK – This is a very early blooming cultivar that blooms well through most of the summer.  It makes a medium to large size shrub that is very hardy.  It bears masses of pretty, large, white, pinwheel flowers that develop streaked red coronas as the summer continues.

PEACH BLOSSOM – An excellent, medium size oleander with pretty, large, double, macaroon scented, peach-pink flowers.  It is a heavy bloomer and exhibits great growth habits.

PETITE PINK – An excellent dwarf container plant that flowers prolifically with masses of soft shell-pink blooms.  It is a compact grower, much used in landscaping and as a tub plant.  It can be kept in the 4 to 6 foot range with pruning.  The throat is light pink with dark stripes.  It is not as hardy as some others are.

PETITE SALMON – A free-blooming, compact plant to 4 feet that bears single, bright salmon-pink flowers with yellow coronas.  It blooms continuously and makes an excellent low hedge or container plant.

petite white:  Please see TURNER'S SISSY KING.

PINK BEAUTY (hardy pink) – A very hardy spring blooming plant with large windmill shaped, medium-pink blooms that cover the plant at the peak of bloom.  It makes a super windbreaker and is especially suited for large hedges.  The buds are swollen and balloon-like.

RED VELVET – This is an unusually attractive single red oleander with a velvet appearance and it has a bushy growth habit and blooms all summer.

sealy pink:  Please see GEORGE SEALY.

SCARLET BEAUTY – This is a beautiful deep cherry-red with blue-black margins and a velvet sheen.  It loads down with blooms in the spring and repeats nicely throughout the summer.  The plant is semi-hardy but the color is special.  The throat of the bloom is red and it makes a large shrub.

SHARP PINK – A very distinctive and showy single pink oleander that attracts lots of attention.  It has very handsome foliage and is a consistent bloomer.

SISTER AGNES – A very beautiful and dependable, large free-flowering cultivar that bears great masses of showy blooms.  It is not quite as hardy as ‘Ed Barr.’

SORRENTO – This is an absolutely gorgeous, soft, creamy-yellow double flower. It is ideally suited for container use and can easily be kept compact. This excellent cultivar is free flowering. It is very beautiful but it is also very tender.

SUE HAWLEY OAKS – This is a highly prized plant of intermediate size with creamy medium-yellow blooms with yellow throats.  The bell shaped flowers are single and star-shaped.  It has dark green leaves that are very attractive.  It is somewhat tender but well worth growing.

sugarland:  Please see HARDY RED.

TURNER'S FLIRT - A dwarf to medium-sized iridescent hot pink with red stripes and yellow throats that later fades to light pink.  It blooms eight to nine months each season.  It has the scent of Double-Bubble gum.

TURNER'S SHARI D – This is a free flowering, soft, buff- yellow flower with tinges of pink. The bloom clusters are extremely large and showy.  It makes a 6 to 8 foot shrub, but can be kept smaller with pruning.  The growth habit is full and upright.  It is semi-hardy and has a strong fragrance.

TURNER'S SISSY KING (petite white) – A very fine free-blooming cultivar with flowers in tight clusters.  The individual flowers have buff ivory petals that are blushed with pink.  The coronas are candy-striped.  It will bloom year-round in mild climates.

WHTIE SAND – A very desirable dwarf to semi-dwarf that is ideally suited to use in containers or in the landscape. The leaves are showy and it has good growth habits.  This one blooms throughout the summer and makes a good small hedge about 3 to 4 feet tall.