dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor) - A dependably hardy, dwarf palm to 9 feet tall with deeply divided, palmate, blue-green leaves up to 3 feet across.  Zones 7 - 10.

jelly / golden pindo / south american jelly (Butia capitata) - A beautiful, blue-green palm for lawn or tub plantings with showy, edible, golden fruit and long, recurved, leathery, feather shaped, gray-green leaves up to 18 feet long.  Hardy in zones 8 - 10.

mexican fan (Washingtonia robusta) - A fast growing, single trunk palm to 75 feet with 3 foot wide leaves on 3 foot long petioles.  Zones 9 and 10.

windmill (Trachycarpus fortunei) - A tall palm to 60 feet tall with dark green, palmate leaves that are up to 4 feet across on petioles up to 3 feet long.  Zones 8 - 10.