IRIS PSEUDACORUS (Yellow Flag or Water Iris)

* Indicates tetraploid


Handle like Louisiana Iris


ALBA – 2½ to 3’ – has pale cream-yellow flowers which fade to white as they mature.


BERLIN TIGER (Tamberg) 3 to 4’ – a well-branched clone with bright gold flowers having attractive brown veining and edging.


DONAU* - 3’ – the flowers of this tetraploid are larger in all aspects than those of the type specimen.


DOUBLE (Floraplena) – 3 to 4’ – a selection with nice, green foliage and double flowers of bright gold.


DWARF – 2½ to 3’ – appealing narrow dark green foliage that is more flexible than typical.  Showy chrome yellow flowers without veining.


FLORAPLENA:  Please see Iris pseudacorus ‘Double’ above.

HOLDEN CLOUGH (Iris pseudacorus x ?) – 3 to 4’ – branched stalks carry many golden flowers with complimentary purple veining.


IVORY (White) – 4’ – the pale yellow flowers fade to pure white with silvery grey veins an hour or so after opening.  It has the same strong foliage as the others.


PRIMROSE – 3½ to 4’ – a vigorous grower with pale yellow flowers.


ROY DAVIDSON (Hager ’87) 3½’ – the bright yellow flowers have dark brown crescent shaped signals and remain open for 3 days.


TALL YELLOW – 5 to 6’ – comes up much earlier than most in the spring forming an impressive plant with giant foliage up to 7’ tall in large clumps.  Has broad, dark green leaves and chrome yellow flowers.


VARIEGATED – 3’ – a dwarfer form with yellow flowers and green leaves beautifully striped golden yellow that turn all green by mid-summer.


WHITE (Copeland ’93) 3½ to 4’ – this selection has up to 12 nearly white flowers per stalk with purple-brown stitching around the signals.


YELLOW FLAG – 4 to 5’ – a fine, very hardy and vigorous, landscape plant with handsome, dark green leaves up to 4" wide and 5 feet tall.  It produces bright yellow flowers on well-branched stems.



100 or more 2.50 each